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One of our largest project in our life

Another milestone has just arrived in our life when this Hartford machine was chosen by Ferroflex 2005 Ltd. as a new „member” of their plant. Actually this 7-meter machine is the largest one not only in Hungary, but also in Europe.

Some of the main, and very attractive paramethers:


X-axis travel (Longitudinal): 7000 mm

Y-axis travel (Cross): 4400 mm

Z-axis travel (Vertical): 1200 mm

Table size: 7000 x 3000 mm

maximum table load: 27 000 kg

covering area: 18,790 x 8,650 m

net weight: 69 500 kg

Angular heads:

Automatic multi angular head (HF-AU360H) 1° grad, 4.000 rpm (CTS)

Automatic 90° angular head (HF-A90H) 1° grad 4.000 rpm (CTS)

Automatically 500mm extension head (HF-AE50L), 4.000 rpm (CTS)

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