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Need a reliable EDM? Choose Mitsubishi EDM!

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Need a reliable EDM? Choose Mitsubishi EDM!

MITSUBISHI is one of the largest and best known company group in Japan.

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC holding company has been producing EDM machines with their own control unit and drive system developed and manufactured by themselves since 1972. Due to their up-to-date knowledge in electrotechnology and stable financial background, their machines are recognized among the best for a long period of time. Their machines are equipped with the outstanding MITSUBISHI linear tubular motors ("Tubular Direct Drive") are operating without backlash and vibration with a very quick response time. The reliability of their machines is proven the fact, that they provide a 12-year warranty for the positioning accuracy of the machines, which is unique in the world.

The power consumption of their machines is half of that of the conventional ones, therefore they are among the most economical EDM machines currently available on the market.

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  • multidirectional precision machining
  • even for 6- or 7-axis machining
  • machining of hardened steel rollers, parts
  • production of tools and accessories
  • for of cutting medical devices
  • manufacturing of parts and devices for the electronic, automotive and aircraft industry
  • profile machining of metal bonded grinding wheels (CBN wheels)

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