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Developing the machining world

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A KIWA MACHINERY Co, LTD. is well received by domestic and oversear customers as Japanese machine tool builder. We are aiming at contribution to the good of society by developing and producing Machine Tools, with flexible views and stances corresponding to various needs of customers.

As a member of Japanese machine tools manufacturers who are taking a lead of MONOZUKURI, we are making a point of thoroughly focusing on quality..


1869 - Commenced family business to manufacture agricultural machines 

1933 - Started manufacturing lathes

1948 - Started manufacturing Drilling machines & Shaper machines

1959 - Reoranized "KIWA IRON WORKS CO., LTD." as a joint-stock company

1968 - Started manufacturing Turret Type NC drilling machines

1980 - Started manufacturing vertical machining centers

1996 - Started manufacturing horizontal machining centers

2005 - Established a joint venture "KIWA-CW Machine Manufacturing (Shanghai) CO., LTD. in China.

2006 - Changed comapny name to "KIWA Machinery CO., LTD."

2008 - Manufactures 5-Axis VMC

2009 - Establised "KIWA USA, INC" in MA, USA

2015 - Established KIWA CNC (THAILAND) CO., LTD.". Started after-sales service in Bangkok, Thailand. Developed Turning table.


KIWA products offer solutions for:

  • mass and single production of light alloy metal and steel parts
  • production of parts for the automotive industry
  • automatic mass production of parts
  • glass/ceramic cutting

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