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Tradition of innovation

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Tradition of innovation

ROMI company was founded in 1930 by Américo Emílio Romi, and for today became one of the leading machine tool, plastic injection molding and aluminum casting machine manufacturer in the world.  The Brazilian ROMI machines and services can be found all over the world. Their main areas are parts for the automotive industry, as well as industrial equipment, and agricultural machines.  By purchasing a ROMI machine, beside the machine tools you also get a reliable and effective machining solution.

More than 80 years of professional experience and 150 000 manufactured machines show the commitment of ROMI to satisfy the demands of the customers. One of their greatest value is the tight collaboration with the buyers and building relationships with them.

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    ROMI lathes are recommended for:

    • multitask CNC lathes for single and small series
    • huge lathes for cutting up to even 12 m parts
    • Simultaneous 5-axis machining of complex parts
    • small and medium size serial production
    • traditional lathes are also available in the product range.

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