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Machine condition assessment

Diagnostics with the leading edge tools

Machine condition assessment

Vibration analysis (dynamic)

  • Unbalance
  • Bearing faults
  • Lubrication condition
  • Adjustment errors

Circular testing system (machine ability/dynamic)

  • Measurement of backlash (in 3 planes)
  • Measurement of circularity (in 3 planes)
  • Measurement of ballscrews (in 3 planes)

Measurement of drawbar force (machine ability/static)

  • Tool clamping check

Meax measuring system (geometrical measurement/dynamic)

  • Measuring straightness and level
  • Measuring spindle alignment
  • Measuring coaxiality of the tailstock and tool holders
  • Measuring squareness
  • Measuring spindle parallelism

Conventional measurements (geometrical measurement/static)

  • check levelling
  • testbar measurements
  • measurement of axes geometry (X/Y/Z) with tri-square granite

Thermal camera measurments

  • mapping abnormal warming of electrical and mechanical components

For machine condition assessments, please contact our engineers at the following e-mail address:

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