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Hírek az M+E-től

25 years in the world of machine-tools

Once upon a time... we can began this strory like this, since this story is like a "fairytale".
Namely there were 4 men, who were in the right place at the right time to start their journey and to found a company. 
Actually they met some difficulties during their "journey": market-challanges, economic crisis, CEO-changing, product-line modification etc., etc. But inspite of all of these they could reach their aim: after 25 years the M+E is still a stable and determinative company of machine-tool market.

The milestones: 

1997.     Foundation of M+E Szerszámgép Kereskdelmi Ltd.

                Office: 3-room flat in Csepel

                Agreement with Colchester-Harrisonnal

                First participate on Mach-Tech exhibition (20 m2 stand, 2 machines)

                Quick success: the first year provided profit (6 machines were sold, installations, service)

1998.     Moving to a „dining-room” – new office with a showroom

                Okuma project: installations, maintenance-service

                Distributor agreement with Okamoto

2000.     Distributor agreement with Brother

               10 employee

2004.     Agreement with Filtermist about distributng of oil mist collectors

2005.    Moving to a new site in Szigetszentmiklós: 400 sqm office and 700 sqm show-room, hall

2006.     According to the customers’ claim the variety of product-portflio was expanded with lower price-leveled products

                Hartford, SuperTec, Poly Gim

                17 employee

2008.      Global economic crisis: although the company was affected as well, none of the employee was discharged

2012.     Portfolio expansion: new brand the Brazilian ROMI

               27 employee

2014.     Portfolio expansion: new brands: the lathes of the Japanese Nakamura-Tome and the EDMs of Mitsubishi Electric

2015:     Portfolio expansion: the machine-tools of the Japanese Toyoda

2017.     Triple A Bisnode certificate

               30 employee

2018.     New brand: FUJI

                Tripla A Bisnode bronze certificate

2019.     Installation of a 7 meter machine, the largest Hartford double coloumn machine in Hungary, but also in Europe

                Tripla A Bisnode silver certificate

2020-     COVID19 virus, the company is still working with the total headcount (31 employee)

                Although the revenue has relapsed a little bit, the company is still profitable

                Tripla A Bisnode silver certificate

2021.     New brand: KIWA (machining centers)

                Dun&Bradstreet Tripla A gold certificate

                The revenue is rising

                31 employee

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