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The flagship of automotive industry machines - TOYODA

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The flagship of automotive industry machines - TOYODA.

The Japanese Toyota is the largest car manufacturer in the world, and the TOYODA machine tool factory established in 1941 has been founded to facilitate the production of parts for the other factories. These machines provided the solution for supporting the car and weaving mill factories with high-precision and reliable parts.

Their current machines are developed for the most appropriate support of the manufacture of vehicles, therefor it is not a miracle that Toyoda is one of the greatest supplier of global vehicle part manufacturers.

Since these areas have the strictest requirements due to the 3-shift long-term operation and high precision, TOYODA machines must be of utmost quality and they grow up to these expectations.

The official site of Toyoda


    • production of parts for the automotive industry
    • mass and single production of light alloy metal and steel parts
    • suitable for the production of small, medium and large parts
    • outside and inside gear cutting of parts
    • cylindrical grinding of parts
    • CAM cylindrical grinding (cam shaft)

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